Our company started in 1994 with the creation of its first model of flashlight for diving. Since then work has continued and has been continuous.

The use of our products has been expanded and are now used by thousands of divers. We could state that have been immersed in all the seas of the world.
From the outset our intention has always been the same: to manufacture leading products and high quality, which provide the best examples of what technology can bring to this field of portable underwater lighting.

The fundamental premises taken into account when preparing our designs are always:
reliability, performance, functionality, simplicity and appearance.

It uses: study, concentration at work and permanent record for doing things right.

In this way, they have managed to always original ideas and designs that over time have set the trend in more than one occasion, leaving a strong imprint on the work of other manufacturers. This is a pride and satisfaction in considering that test is to be doing a good job and that something has been contributed to the history of the technical development of this type of product so special.

We look forward to your continued confidence.